About Us


Agensi Pelancungan D & Adik Beradik Sdn Bhd (APDAB) was officially incorporated on the 10th August 1988 providing express and tourist bus operator services.

Company’s Activities

For tourist activities, the company offer travel packages which include local and overseas destinations, such as Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, Kelantan, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Hatyai, Bangkok, Phuket and so on.

For chartering services, the company would provide bus service to those travelling in group. Their client list includes government agencies and private sectors.

They are not depending on express bus only but also have tourist and chartered buses to expand and diversified their business.

Company’s Experience

The company has been expanding rapidly for the past 3 to 4 years. They started with 2 buses, but as of now, with assistance from SME Bank and other financial institutions, their fleet size has grown to 22 units, which includes 18 express buses, 3 chartered buses and 1 tourist bus. All the express buses are single deck with 30 capacity of seat.

Strong Management Team

They have diverse background and experience in their related fields, thus, giving them an advantage in terms of technical expertise and networking channel. They are also practices hands on in the management. Strong commitment, evidenced by taking turns to be at the terminal everyday to check and greet on the customers

New Market

APDAB intended to penetrate new market in northern region. This route is basically a high demanded route which is still considered as less competitive with only several players involved.

Besides, transportation to northern from east coast region is only limited to bus transportation services. There is no train or flight available thus public transport users will depend solely to express bus services.

Our Company provide Bus Service to those traveling in group